What We Do


What We Do

For more than 35 years, we have protected human rights, public health and the environment by waging and winning campaigns challenging the abuses of some of the world's most powerful corporations. Read about our successes.

We have four current campaigns. 

Challenge Corporate Control of Water

One in nine people lacks access to enough clean drinking water. Corporations are exploiting this global water crisis to drive public water into private hands ... turning the earth's most precious resource into a commodity. Our campaign advances and protects the human right to water, challenging the greed and abuse of global water profiteers.

Challenge Corporate Abuse of Our Food

From seed to plate, global food corporations threaten our environment, food sovereignty and health. By challenging the food industry's abuses, we will protect our children and future generations from the corporate-driven epidemic of diet-related diseases, decrease corporate manipulation of our food systems and policies, and champion sustainable food systems.

Challenge Big Tobacco

Big Tobacco is driving the leading preventable epidemic of death and disease, aggressively expanding its global reach. Our campaign saves lives by working with allies around the world to secure health policies over the objection of, intimidation by and interference from the tobacco industry.

Corporate Hall of Shame

Every year, we ask you to vote for the most shameful corporation of the year. Based on your input, we partner with allied organizations and voters to mobilize grassroots momentum to turn up the heat on corporations that corrupt the political process, abuse human rights and devastate the environment.

Millions of you participated in our legacy campaigns

  • The Infant Formula Campaign and Nestlé Boycott brought significant reforms in the life-threatening marketing of infant formula in countries of the Global South.
  • The Nuclear Weaponmakers Campaign challenged General Electric for its leading role in the nuclear weapons industry. We successfully compelled it to shutter its business producing and promoting nuclear weapons.

How we do it

Our guiding strategies in achieving far-reaching social change:

  • Organize massive, structured and international movements of people to apply direct and strategic pressure on global corporations, moving them to halt their abuses.
  • Lock in changes by strengthening democratic institutions and empowering governing bodies like the U.N. to exercise their authority over global corporations.

We work with allies around the globe. We also have official relations with the World Health Organization, Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and are an official observer to the Secretariat of the Framework Convention of Tobacco Control.

Our campaigns are dynamic. As situations develop, so do our strategies. We use a broad spectrum of tactics to leverage change. We:

  • Mobilize and collaborate with courageous constituencies such as faith-based communities, the medical community, thought leaders, students, and teachers
  • Generate media visibility to expose corporate abuse and the reality behind corporate spin, as well as raise public awareness
  • Engage in shareholder activism to educate shareholders about corporate misconduct and bring about shifts in corporate behavior
  • Organize people to pressure corporations through a range of direct actions, from petition drives to visibility events
  • Build strategic partnerships with allied organizations in the United States and around the world
  • Expose and challenge corporate influence over public policy
  • Participate in negotiations with international regulatory agencies


How your gift advances our mission and campaigns

90% of all contributions to Corporate Accountability International are spent directly on programs, while 10% provide essential support services resulting in the highest marks from rating agencies. 

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