Think Outside the Bottle

People Across the Country Pledge to Think Outside the Bottle

Bottled-water corporations have attempted to convince us that the only place to get clean, safe water is from a bottle. It’s just not true.

Think Outside the Bottle is a national action and education campaign that:

  • Challenges the marketing muscle of bottled-water corporations
  • Works with communities across the country to opt for tap over bottled water

Since 2006, we have asked public officials, faith groups, restaurants, celebrities, campuses and individuals to Think Outside the Bottle. And they have!

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We’ve Shifted the Public Climate

We work closely with allied groups like Story of Stuff Project, Environmental Working Group, Food and Water Watch and the Polaris Institute, to help expose the truth behind the  commodification of our most essential resource.

A few of our victories so far:

  • 27 colleges and university campuses have cut spending on bottled water and more than 100 have taken steps towards going bottled water free.
  • 6 states have begun phasing-out purchases of bottled water with taxpayer dollars.
  • More than 75 national parks have gone bottled water free.
  • The U.S. Conference of Mayors, representing more than 1,200 cities, has resolved to encourage cities to phase-out city spending on bottled water.
  • Communities from Wacissa, Fla. to McCloud, Calif. have blocked Nestlé from bottling their water sources.
  • A June 2014 Harris Interactive poll found that 34 percent of respondents had “Switched to refillable water bottle instead of purchasing bottles of water.”

We’ve Changed the Industry

By changing the public climate, we’ve impacted the bottled-water industry. After years of rising sales, the bottled-water market has now stagnated.

We call on Nestlé, Coca-Cola and Pepsi to: 

  • Reveal the sites and sources of the water used for bottling
  • Publicly report breaches in water quality, comparable to reports provided by public water systems
  • Stop threatening local control of water when siting and operating bottling plants

To date, we've compelled two of the largest bottlers – Nestlé and Pepsi – to change their labels. Under pressure from our campaign, they now provide more information about where the water they bottle comes from. For Pepsi, this means they’ve owned up to the fact that they source Aquafina water from the tap. And Nestlé has labeled its PureLife brand as sourced from the tap, too.

But there is far more the industry should be doing. Join us as we challenge the industry’s drive to turn our water from a public good to a commodity.


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