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Today, we are facing the prospect of the destruction of life as we know it and irreversible damage to our planet due to climate change. Scientists are telling us with ever more urgency that we must act quickly to stop extracting fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But the world’s largest polluters have prevented progress on bold climate action for far too long.

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  • The global tobacco treaty opened for signature on June 16, 2003, and took effect as international law on February 27th, 2005. Once a leader in tobacco control, the United States remains on the sidelines, among a shrinking minority of nations that have yet to ratify the treaty.

    President Bush signed the global tobacco treaty in 2004, but it was never submitted to the Senate for ratification. In 2005, eleven U.S. Senators urged President Bush to send the treaty to the Senate for consideration. One of those Senators was Barack Obama.

  • Join thousands of health professionals and institutions from around the world in urging McDonald's to stop marketing junk food to children.

  • The House of Representatives just passed an amendment to an appropriations bill that would forbid the National Park Service from spending money to implement bottled-water-free policies. The Senate will consider National Park Service funding soon, and the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) is already calling on senators to follows the House's bad example.

  • The World Bank has spent decades setting the stage for water privatization in Lagos, Nigeria, and now it's backing a bogus “stakeholder engagement process.” Instead of listening to what residents of Lagos want, it's trying to convince communities that privatization is the answer, bypassing the democratic process to benefit water corporations.

    Send a message to World Bank leaders right now and tell them to listen to Lagos and stop the privatization of Lagos' water.

  • In the Philippines, where tobacco use kills 10 people every hour, Big Tobacco sits on the committee that implements tobacco control policies. This is an atrocious conflict of interest and the biggest impediment to realizing the lifesaving potential of the global tobacco treaty in the country.

    Sign the petition below to encourage Members of the Philippine Congress to support a bill that removes this tobacco industry representative from the national tobacco control committee.


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