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Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president brings into focus just how broken our economic and political systems are. We know Trump won’t be the one to fix them. Already, his rhetoric and Cabinet choices indicate the Trump administration will be an agent for deepening crony capitalism and expanding corporate influence. The result will be even more economic injustice, racism, and inequity.

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  • Whether you’re a seasoned organizer or brand new to taking action, we’ve created this toolkit to give you the tools you need to take effective action to challenge the Trump administration and the expansion of corporate power in your community and beyond and to build anew. This toolkit is designed for you to use immediately. It includes seven things you can do right now to challenge corporate influence over our lives and help shape the world we will live in for the better.

  • The Trump administration wants to help private corporations fill their coffers at our expense.

    Don't let the Trump administration open the flood gates for water privitization!

    Act now!

  • Moms not loving it

    In the lead up to its shareholder's meeting, write to McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook and urge him to stop practices that are devastating to the lives of our children.

    It's time for McDonald's to stop:

    -Poisoning children, farm workers, and rural communities with pesticides from the potatoes grown for its products.

    -Predatory marketing of junk food to children.

    -Trapping its workers and their families in poverty

    Take action now!

  • Texas Representative Lamar Smith, and the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has subpoenaed Attorneys General Maura Healey of Massachusetts and Eric Schneiderman of New York, and other climate allies for their work on #ExxonKnew. It’s time to send a message: WE WON’T BACK DOWN.

  • Our Water. Our Right.

    Lawmakers in Lagos recently passed a bill imposing draconian new rules that threaten and even criminalize water access in Lagos. This is an outrageous assault on our human right to water. Show the government in Lagos that we will defend the human right to water everywhere, and stand with the people of Lagos:


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