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Climate change affects all of us, and it's having a devastating impact on our planet every day. But while we work to combat it, Big Energy is jumping at every opportunity during high-level climate talks to advance its own interests and undermine progress. It's time to kick Big Energy out.

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  • As CFO, Peter Bensen's job is to protect the corporation from this kind of liability. Let's make sure he answers our call: It's time to stop using a clown to push junk food on children. End McDonald's predatory marketing and retire Ronald McDonald.

  • Right now, Big Tobacco is undermining lifesaving policymaking all over the world, so it can derail and water down health measures that would stop the tobacco epidemic and save millions of lives. Take action to support kicking Big Tobacco out of next week's treaty meetings.

  • National Parks say no to bottled water!

    Coke uses our treasured national parks in its attempts to trick the public into associating bottled water with environmental sustainability, and creates distrust of our tap water by falsely leading people to believe that bottled water is safer and cleaner.

    Tell Coke to stay out of national park policy and stop exploiting our national parks to sell its wasteful bottled water.

  • The global tobacco treaty opened for signature on June 16, 2003, and took effect as international law on February 27th, 2005. Once a leader in tobacco control, the United States remains on the sidelines, among a shrinking minority of nations that have yet to ratify the treaty.

    President Bush signed the global tobacco treaty in 2004, but it was never submitted to the Senate for ratification. In 2005, eleven U.S. Senators urged President Bush to send the treaty to the Senate for consideration. One of those Senators was Barack Obama.

  • Join thousands of health professionals and institutions from around the world in urging McDonald's to stop marketing junk food to children.


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