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Value the Meal

Kids hold sign to Retire Ronald
Sriram Madhusoodanan
As you gather with friends and family around the dinner table this year and celebrate the traditions you hold dear, you may be paying particular attention to your food.
The latest McDonald's Happy Meal option
Corporate Accountability International
When I attended the McDonald’s shareholders meeting last month with Corporate Accountability International, it was clear that the milk and apples (and now yogurt) are used strategically, trotted out whenever the company is accused of selling unhealthy food.
McDonald's Rainy Day Commercial
Corporate Accountability International
McDonald’s spends untold billions in marketing to take advantage of children’s developmental vulnerabilities and hook them on unhealthy food and destructive eating habits.
Be afraid of the other NRA
Sriram Madhusoodanan
Do you know about the other NRA? It stands for the National Restaurant Association, and it's one of Washington's most powerful special interests.
Michele Simon, JD, MPH
A few weeks ago, USA Today announced: "Taco Bell will shock the fast-food industry…
Michele Simon, JD, MPH
By Susan Linn and Michele Simon…
Anna Lappé
All across the country, hospitals are rethinking what's on the menu and in the cafeteria. In the past few months, hospitals are even stepping up to tell junk food purveyors to leave the premises.
While most media outlets dubbed it the “Happy Meal toy ban,” the ordinance passed in San Francisco last year didn’t ban anything.
Corporate Accountability International
When McDonald’s sneezes, the media jumps.
Corporate Accountability International
When it comes to food, everybody’s got an opinion. Same goes for parenting. Mix the two together and you’ve got the makings of a culture war.


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