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Ronald McDonald

Sriram Madhusoodanan
At last May’s McDonald’s shareholders’ meeting, CEO Don Thompson responded to concerns raised by three mom blogger allies, saying, “We don’t put Ronald in schools.”…
Over the last two days we directly challenged executives of the corporation responsible for driving today’s deadly epidemic of diet-related disease: McDonald’s.
Casey Hinds
I took my kids to the local library this weekend and was reminded how hard it is for them to avoid junk food marketing. McTeacher’s Nights and Ronald McDonald assemblies in schools have been joined by signs at the library telling kids to “Bring your Happy Meal books for Ronald to Sign!” Cross-posted from KY Healthy Kids, by Casey Hinds.
Clowning Around with Charity: How McDonald's Exploits Philanthropy and Targets Children
Michele Simon, JD, MPH
Despite McDonald's claims of philanthropic generosity, the reality doesn’t match the rhetoric. Our new report's findings include how McDonald’s philanthropic giving is 33 percent lower than leading corporations and that McDonald's spends almost 25 times as much on advertising as on charitable donations.
McDonald's on a report card
Josh Golin
I know all too well how corporations undermine parents' efforts to raise healthy children. The good news is that parents and advocates around the world are coming together to expose and end kid-targeted marketing.
Corporate Accountability International
When McDonald’s sneezes, the media jumps.
Corporate Accountability International
When it comes to food, everybody’s got an opinion. Same goes for parenting. Mix the two together and you’ve got the makings of a culture war.
It was a seminal moment. For the first time, breaking all convention, Ronald turned to the TV cameras and addressed himself to his viewers directly.
Corporate Accountability International
Corporate Accountability International, the modern incarnation of Infact and the Nestlé (no …
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