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October 30, 2015
The “Our Water, Our Right” coalition wrote a letter to Governor Ambode of Lagos. The letter invited Governor Ambode to join the coalition in affirming the fundamental right to clean water and independent self-governance of the water system in Lagos. …
October 14, 2015
Open Letter from Educators As teachers, school support staff, principals, school nurses, and advocates dedicated to the education and well-being of children, we urge you to end the exploitative practice of McTeacher’s Nights.
September 18, 2015
Articles include: New climate initiative challenges fossil fuel industry, Hard-won tobacco law protects Nigerians, The necessity of moving forward, McDonald's under pressure, Your visits move parks to think outside the bottle, and Defending Lagos' public water. …
September 16, 2015
When we evaluate our progress, the details -- the deliverables -- may look different from how we initially set them out, but we are always closer to our ultimate goal. …
July 16, 2015
A series of investigative articles by The New York Times beginning June 30, 2015 exposed how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has worked systematically to help the tobacco industry fight life-saving measures to reduce tobacco use. This report provides additional case studies and calls on governments to reject the U.S. Chamber's misleading arguments and enact proven tobacco control measures that save lives. …


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