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January 1, 2007
This toolkit includes all you need to take action to help us build public pressure, such as submitting letters to the editor and writing to U.S. senators to ask them to call on the administration to submit the treaty to the Senate for consideration.
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January 1, 2006
This 30th anniversary booklet commemorates historic victories that Corporate Accountability International and its members have achieved by compelling powerful coporations - like Nestle, General Electric and Phillip Morris/Altria - to stop irresponsible and dangerous practices. This is our story.
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October 6, 2005
The report discusses the current status of the global tobacco treaty (WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) and the tobacco industry's recent attempts to undermine the treaty process.
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September 30, 2004
Statement delivered to to the U.N. in 2004 regarding the U.N.Human Rights Norms for Transnational Corporations.
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June 1, 2003
The impact of the Kraft Boycott on Big Tobacco can be measured through internal corporate documents, the corporation's image makeover, financial data and problems with employee recruitment and morale.


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