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Statement at McDonald's Annual Shareholders' Meeting by Michelle Dyer

As a recent graduate I am deeply concerned about the epidemic of diet-related disease and the role of McDonald’s in driving it.  As a millennial - one of an entire generation that McDonald’s is fast losing brand appeal among - I have too often seen and often been a target of the exploitative marketing designed to get kids hooked on unhealthy food at a young age to make them customers for life.  

Especially outrageous is McDonald’s targeting children of color. Children of color are already more likely to live in environments where healthy food is less available. That they are more likely to develop diet-related diseases than their white counterparts should be no surprise considering how McDonald’s overwhelmingly targets them with predatory marketing.

Not only does McDonald’s use athletes of color in advertising such as Gabrielle Douglas, Venus Williams and LeBron James, it also invokes culturally inappropriate stereotypes and borrows liberally from hip hop culture, to aggressively target children of color. Targeted commercials, toy giveaways and culturally-based partnerships all are employed to sell more fast food.

CEO Thompson when is McDonald’s going to stop its aggressive marketing to communities of color?

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