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Statement at McDonald's Annual Shareholders' Meeting by Kia Robertson

Hello. My name is Kia Robertson. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I should say to you because not many parents get this opportunity. This generation of children is in trouble and we all need to come together to help them. Childhood obesity rates are skyrocketing and one of the biggest factors is diet.

I believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the food that we feed our children and it is up to us to educate them and give them the skills to make healthy food choices for themselves. That said, I also believe that corporations like McDonald's have a responsibility to stop undermining parents by directly marketing to our children in ways that you know are deceptive.

Some parents think that if you don't let your kids watch TV they won't see your commercials - what they may not realize is that you are getting around that by marketing your brand in our school systems. As a corporation you might not "have to" think about the effects of your marketing...but as parents and grandparents there must be a part of you that knows it's just not right. You are a leader in your industry, so you know very well that the fast food industry is changing - in order to keep up maybe it's time for some genuine change at McDonald's.

CEO Thompson, don't you think a good place to start would be to leave our children alone and let us parents decide what's best for them?

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