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Release of Corporate Accountability International Report “Tapping Congress to Get off the Bottle”

My name is Bruce Williams, and I’m the Mayor of Takoma Park, Maryland.   I'm also an appointee of Governor O'Malley to the Chesapeake Bay Program Local Government Advisory Committee, which advises the EPA and our local governors on how local government can work with the federal and state governments to clean up the Bay.

Takoma Park has joined over 100 cities and 3 states that have cut taxpayer spending on bottled water at government offices, meetings and events.

Not only is bottled water spending an irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars, but purchasing it sends the absolute wrong message about our public water systems. 

This is not to mention that tap water is much more highly regulated than what comes out of the bottle. The city itself provides water that is every bit, if not more safe, more reliable and equally thirst-quenching.

Our city has some of the best tap water in the world.  But to keep it that way, we need to continue to invest in our public water infrastructure. 

That’s why we have made the decision to stop buying bottled water in Takoma Park, Maryland and invest in alternatives.

We save money on the purchase of water, we save the Anacostia River and the Chesapeake Bay from discarded plastic bottles, and we save the cost of fuel for the trucks that deliver bottled water.  That's a win/win/win.

I’m here to join Corporate Accountability International’s Think Outside the Bottle campaign in calling on Congress to follow the lead of the groundswell of support from over 100 Mayors and 3 Governors who have taken action on this issue.

If Congress takes action, it will send a clear message to the public:  we’re choosing tap water, so you should too, to save money and preserve the environment at the same time. I feel hopeful we can turn things around in support of public water.


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