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McDonald's Annual Shareholders' Meeting Statement by Dr. Andrew Bremer

My name is Dr. Andrew Bremer. I’m a pediatric endocrinologist and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Vanderbilt University; however, my comments reflect my personal view. I stand before you today – as I did last year – as a pediatrician and new father to reiterate the growing concerns about the impact McDonald’s marketing is having on children’s health.

My medical and public health colleagues the world over have repeatedly acknowledged the science linking McDonald’s-style fast food and fast food industry practices to the decline in children’s health. Yet, McDonald’s has yet to make substantive changes continuing to expose shareholders to considerable risk. Mr. Thompson, last year you said, and I quote: “Do me the honor… of not associating us with doing something that is damaging to children.”

Well with all due respect, Mr. Thompson, your corporation is doing just that. Given the highly visible global backlash from health professionals, government officials, and now parents, isn’t it time for McDonald’s to finally stop marketing to children?

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