Hey McDonald's: Moms Are Not Lovin' It!

In the lead up to McDonald's shareholder meeting, join tens of thousands around the world to show McDonald's you want it to stop its predatory marketing to kids. Share this image with your friends and family.


For decades, McDonald's has profited richly at a staggering cost to our children's health. Its strategy has been to undermine the efforts of parents (or, as McDonald's calls them, "gatekeepers") to feed kids healthfully.

Now, parents around the country are saying "we're not lovin' it".

McDonald's spends significant time and money building its brand through social media. Sharing this graphic with your networks will get the attention of McDonald's CEO Don Thompson and other McDonald's executives.

Other Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Send a message to McDonald's CEO Don Thompson telling him to end junk food marketing to kids.
  2. Read Campaign Director Gigi Kellett's blog about the #MomsNotLovinIt campaign.
  3. Donate.
  4. Learn more about how we're challenging corporate abuse of our food.
  5. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Join the movement to hold global corporations like McDonald's accountable.


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