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Hey McDonald's: Moms Are Not Lovin' It!

McDonald's uses role models like athletes and celebrities to market to children and get them hooked on junk… But kids are not lovin' it either! Share this video with your family and friends.

For decades, McDonald's has profited richly at a staggering cost to our children's health. Its strategy has been to undermine the efforts of parents (or, as McDonald's calls them, "gatekeepers") to feed kids healthfully.

But parents around the world are saying "we’re not lovin' it."

Every day, more people are joining the movement to end kid-targeted fast food marketing. Together, we're making a huge impact. Sharing this video with your networks will educate and inspire, amplifying that impact.
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I’m Not Lovin' It!
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Other Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Share your story about why kids need good role models! Submit a photo, a video, or a written post to our tumblr page
  2. Learn how to stop child-targeted marketing in your school & community with our new organizing guide for parents.
  3. Send a message to McDonald's CEO, Don Thompson, telling him to shut down
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Join the #MomsNotLovinIt movement to protect children from fast food marketing.


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