Challenging Corporate Power

Today, the world’s largest and most abusive corporations are employing every means necessary – bribery, litigation, campaign contributions, high-paid lobbyists, trade associations, deceptive marketing and more – to promote their narrow self-interests.

These actions come at a cost to our most basic human rights, public health, the environment and democracy itself.

Global corporations get away with it because, with profits that exceed the GDP of many of the countries in which they operate, there are few limits on their power and influence. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Together with individuals like you, Corporate Accountability International works to realize a world where major decisions affecting our lives and the planet are made democratically, not behind closed doors in corporate board rooms. 

We are At the Vanguard of a Global Movement

Since the start, we have challenged the influence of global corporations…influence that fundamentally undermines our most basic human rights.

For more than 35 years, we have rallied hundreds of thousands of people around the world to stand up to global corporations and hold them accountable for their abuses. Nestlé, GE, and Philip Morris are just a few that have had to change their life-threatening practices thanks to our highly effective campaigns.

And, as long as corporations continue to abuse the public interest, we will continue to wage and win campaigns against these abuses.

We Work in Powerful Coalitions

Today, we are encouraged by the growing momentum to curb the enormous power and harmful influence of global corporations. Ordinary people are taking extraordinary measures to demand a future where people and democratic institutions have the power to make decisions that affect our rights, health and the environment.

We are inspired to work alongside people and organizations around the world, united in this broad movement.

  • Through our Corporate Hall of Shame, we partner with allied organizations to mobilize grassroots pressure on a range of corporations that are interfering in public policy and threatening our democracy.
  • As corporate political spending and influence spirals out of control, we work in coalition with U.S.-based groups to free our democracy from the corrupting influence of corporations. Our partnership with groups challenging the Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United is one such example.
  • We play a leading role in large-scale mobilizations of people working to create change. For example, we helped train more than 100,000 community activists to directly challenge corporate abuse as part of the 99% Spring – an outgrowth of the Occupy movement and  a partnership between leading labor and social justice organizations like ours.

We Set Precedents for Corporate Accountability

In advocating checks and balances on corporate abuse, we have established a common-sense set of standards of political conduct for corporate decision-makers to abide by.

We also work closely with international governing bodies that have authority over global corporations. We have official relations with the World Health Organization, Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and are an official observer to the Secretariat of the Framework Convention of Tobacco Control.

We Wage High-Impact Campaigns that Transform Entire Industries

Our current campaigns are effectively challenging the corporate political interference and influence peddling that is directly impacting the ability of communities around the world to survive and thrive. We work to:

How your gift advances our mission and campaigns

90% of all contributions to Corporate Accountability International are spent directly on programs, while 10% provide essential support services resulting in the highest marks from rating agencies. 

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