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Removing the world’s largest polluters from climate policy

More people than ever before are experiencing the undeniable effects of climate change. And they are demanding real solutions like never before.

The good news: policymakers and elected officials are hearing the call. The very bad news: The world’s largest polluters are pulling out all the stops to be able to keep on polluting. In fact the unchecked influence of the fossil fuel industry has severely crippled the most important climate policymaking forum.

And that’s why Corporate Accountability International has developed a bold, ambitious plan to remove the world’s largest polluters from climate policy. Learn More

One in six species on Earth are predicted to be wiped out if we do nothing to stop climate change.

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Kick big polluters out of global climate policy

Call on the Parties to the UNFCCC to protect the UN climate talks and climate policymaking around the world from the influence of big polluters.

Kick Big Polluters Out

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United Nation Headquarters in New York City.
Should fossil fuel corporations like Exxon Mobil have access to the U.N. climate talks? That question is at the center of a new report on the ways the fossil fuel industry has undermined the U.N. climate negotiations.
Michél Legendre
Together, we showed the world that even with a presidential administration filled with climate-change deniers and fossil fuel executives and shills, we can create the change we need. We will not be divided. We all have a role to play in setting things right -- and Saturday, that meant coming together with hundreds of thousands of others, following the lead of people from communities most impacted by climate change, and demanding separation of oil and state. We marched and rallied for climate, jobs, and justice, which all depend on kicking Big Oil, Gas, and Coal out of our climate policy.
Kick Big Polluters Out!
According to a new report from Corporate Accountability International, several trade and business organizations based in countries that are among the biggest contributors of climate change are potentially obstructing the international community's attempt to fight global warming.


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