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The Supreme Court has declared that corporations are people. Well, if some of these corporations were people, they'd be in jail. Each year, we ask you to vote for the worst of worst and induct the "winner" into our Corporate Hall of Shame. Then, we partner with allies to mobilize grassroots pressure and turn up the heat on corporations that corrupt the political process and abuse human rights, the environment and our public health. Join our Corporate Hall of Shame partners today, and take on some of the world's worst corporations with us.

Corporate Hall of Shame

Bayer Winner 2014


For manufacturing and profiting richly from pesticides linked to the alarming die-offs of bees, while funding junk science and PR to deny culpability.Take Action

Koch Industries Winner 2013

Koch Industries

For lavishing tens of millions of dollars on federal campaigns, lobbying and front groups to bust unions, deny climate change, and block campaign finance reform. Take Action

Monsanto 2012 Winner

Monsanto wins the 2012 corporate hall of shame

For mass producing toxic chemicals, aggressively running small farms out of business, and recklessly promoting genetically engineered seeds that exacerbate food scarcity globally - again. Last year, Monsanto lobbyists attached riders to the Farm Bill and other legislation to prevent its GMO products from being regulated. Now, the corporation wants full immunity from any federal laws that are placed on genetically modified crops while communities wait for results from environmental impact studies. Take Action.

Chevron 2010 Runner-up

Chevron Corporate Hall of Shame Runner-up

For dumping more than 18.5 billion gallons of highly toxic chemicals into the Ecuadorean Amazon, causing widespread disease and illness – and for refusing to clean-up its mess or compensate the victims.Take Action

Featured Victory

Kimberly-Clark (the world's largest tissue-product manufacturer) was nominated for fueling large-scale deforestation. Kimberly-Clark was removed from the 2009 ballot after Greenpeace announced a historic agreement ensuring greater protection of Canada's boreal forest and other ancient forests around the world. View Past Victories


What's New
Patti Lynn
Last week, we announced that Koch Industries is the latest inductee to the Corporate Hall of Shame. Now, I’m pleased to announce that voting has begun for the worst corporation of 2016.
Patti Lynn
Join Corporate Accountability International and Common Cause to ask both parties’ 2016 nominees to keep big money's influence out of politics.
Patti Lynn
Drilling in the Arctic. Mass producing toxic chemicals. Buying elections. Every day, global corporations do immense harm to our environment, our public health, and our democracy.


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