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Think Outside the Bottle

The Think Outside the Bottle campaign promotes, protects and ensures public funding for our public water systems and challenges the misleading marketing of the bottled-water industry.

With public officials, faith groups, restaurants, celebrities, campuses and individuals, we work to support public systems by opting for tap over bottled water.

We are asking people like you to Think Outside the Bottle by pledging to opt for tap over bottled water. Learn More

Watch the short film the Story of Bottled Water

Featured Action

Tell Acadia: Go water bottle free!

Take action now and support one of the most visited national parks in the country -- Acadia National Park -- in going bottled water free. Acadia officials are interested in taking this step but need to see broad support from park visitors to do so.

Think Outside the Bottle

What's New
San Francisco banned the sale and distribution of single-use bottled water on city property in 2014.
Americans drink enough bottled water each week to circle the globe two times around. That was one of the many alarming facts that motivated politicians in San Francisco to pursue a progressive environmental regulation no other major US city had dared – a ban on bottled water.
Lauren DeRusha Florez
“It broke my heart when I visited the Grand Canyon,…
Lauren DeRusha Florez
Bottled water is bad for our planet all around.


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