Workers fix a water main

Public Water Works!

Turn on a tap almost anywhere in the U.S., and you’re just about guaranteed clean, safe water filling up your glass.

For more than a century, public water systems have been vital to growing the economy, creating jobs and vastly improving the public’s health.

But as the private water industry struggles globally to gain new contracts, corporations like Veolia and Suez are aggressively targeting communities across the U.S.  And, they are bypassing democratic processes to do so, attempting to push through private water contracts behind closed doors that give them a foothold into controlling and profiting from our most essential resource. Learn More

71% of people in the U.S. trust local governments over private corporations to provide public water.

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Join the thousands calling on Veolia to end its political interference and respect the public's right to control our water.

Public Water Works!

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November 13, 2013
Corporate Accountability International
"TIAA-CREF's decision to drop Veolia Environnement SA from its Social Choice Funds portfolio is a clear sign that the global water privateer's abusive behavior in the U.S.
St. Louis residence protest Veolia
Corporate Accountability International
Global water corporation Veolia attempts to push through a contract in St. Louis...but democracy prevails, and St. Louis residents keep their water under public control.
A coalition of local activist groups known collectively as St. Louis Dump Veolia contends the company has a spotty environmental record and favors privatization of public water systems.


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