Workers fix a water main

Public Water Works!

Turn on a tap almost anywhere in the U.S., and you’re just about guaranteed clean, safe water filling up your glass.

For more than a century, public water systems have been vital to growing the economy, creating jobs and vastly improving the public’s health.

But today, the nation’s tap faces a troubling $23 billion annual investment gap. In the last 35 years, investment in and commitment to public water systems have all but dried up. The infrastructure that we all rely on for our water is aging and in desperate need of attention. Learn More

73% of people in the U.S. believe government investment in safe, public water systems is very important.

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Prioritize Public Water

Join tens of thousands of people calling on our nation’s leaders to prioritize our most essential public service – a service that helps grow the economy, create jobs and vastly improve the public’s health.

Public Water Works!

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Troubled Waters report cover
Erin Diaz
By now, you've probably heard: our public water systems are under threat.
Erin Diaz
Around the world, access to our most basic human right -- water -- is under threat.
Erin Diaz
Baltimore’s public water is under threat from a potentially devastating private contract.


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