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Girls collecting water in Ghana

Water is the basis for life.

Yet, one in four people worldwide don't have enough safe drinking water, while corporations exploit this global crisis to drive public water into private hands. We advance and protect the human right to water, challenging the abuse of global water profiteers. Learn More

Nearly one in nine people lack access to enough clean water.

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Human Right to Water Upheld

Children fetching water at the bore hole

Compelled by global water advocates and government champions, the U.N. General Assembly upheld the fundamental human right to water.


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Shayda Edwards Naficy
Since the city placed its water back in public hands, it has provided cheaper, more consistent access to our most essential resource -- becoming a model for French and foreign cities seeking to uphold our most basic human right.
Cutting off water to those who can’t afford it has roots in a long-standing, inequitable pricing scheme
Anna Lappé
Cross-posted from, written by ally Anna Lappé…
Across the world, people -- like the activists you see here at the 2012 Alternative World Water Forum -- are taking a stand for our most basic human right.
Shayda Edwards Naficy
From the clarion call of the residents of Thessaloniki to keep their water public, to the outraged activism of Jakarta residents fed up with their failed private water systems, people around the world are making one thing clear.


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