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Water is the basis for life.

Yet, one in nine people lack access to clean, safe drinking water, while corporations exploit this global crisis to drive public water into private hands. We advance and protect the human right to water, challenging the abuse of global water profiteers. Learn More

Nearly one in nine people lack access to enough clean water.

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Human Right to Water Upheld

Children fetching water at the bore hole

Compelled by global water advocates and government champions, the U.N. General Assembly upheld the fundamental human right to water.


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WASHINGTON—On the heels of the World Bank’s 2014 spring meetings, an international coalition of water rights groups from India and the United States issued a stern call for the institution to end its destructive promotion of water privatization under the guise of development. After a week of meetings, including high level events on water, no action has been taken to address the coalition’s concerns.
Blue Future by Maude Barlow
Shayda Edwards Naficy
Long-time ally and human rights activist Maude Barlow has released her newest book, “Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever,” to critical acclaim.
Anjana Lama drinks water from a stone spout in Lalitpur August 24, 2012. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar.
Kelle Louaillier
The crisis is grim: today, one in four people don’t have enough clean water for drinking and other household uses. This staggering humanitarian crisis is one of the greatest barriers to achieving sustainable development and economic prosperity - a fact not lost on World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, who recently committed to investing $700 million in women and children’s health, with a focus on water and sanitation. Still, the World Bank’s dogged promotion of private sector and for-profit management of water is intensifying the very crisis it seeks to end.


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