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From seed to plate, our food system is broken.

Global food corporations threaten our environment, food sovereignty and health. We protect our children from the epidemic of diet-related disease, striving to create a more sustainable future by challenging the corporate abuse of our food system. Learn More

In the U.S., one in three children born in the year 2000 are predicted to develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime.

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Tell CEO Steve Easterbrook: Stop marketing junk food to children!

McDonald’s wants us to believe it’s modern and progressive -- without making any of the necessary changes to earn that description. That’s why we’re challenging McDonald’s power at the very heart of its global corporate operation today at its annual shareholders' meeting.

Stand with us today and tell McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook to stop marketing McDonald’s junk food to children.


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October 20, 2011
Shari House, Family Nurse Practitioner and Owner, Pearl Health Center
Our daily clinic’s mission is to teach people how to become healthy and stay that way. Nutrition is critical to our health. So naturally, McDonald’s practice of promoting a product to children that not only harms children’s health, but also aims to make young people customers from “cradle to grave,” is objectionable to health professionals like myself.
October 20, 2011
Richard Bruno, medical student, Oregon Health and Science University
I am here because, as a health professional in-training and as a parent, I am concerned with the way that McDonald’s devious marketing tactics are making our children sick. Chronic diet-related diseases like obesity and type II diabetes are skyrocketing among children.
October 20, 2011
Juliana Shulman, Senior Organizer
Today we are here at the Pearl Health Center to stand with a growing number of health professionals and institutions here in Oregon and across the country, who are urging Don Armstrong, the Chairman of McDonald’s National Leadership Council, and McDonald’s top executives to stop marketing junk food to children.


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