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Man speaks out about the tobacco industry

Every year, tobacco kills almost six million people.

Big Tobacco is driving the world’s greatest preventable epidemic of death and disease, aggressively expanding in the world’s lowest-income countries. Our campaign saves lives by working with allies across the globe to secure health policies over the objection, intimidation and interference of the tobacco industry. Learn More

John Oliver delivered a blistering takedown of the tobacco industry, exposing its kid-targeted marketing and its "intimidation by litigation" tactics.

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Featured Success

Gigi Kellett and TJ Faircloth at the UN

Global Tobacco Treaty Unanimously Adopted

We helped ensure the unanimous adoption of the global tobacco treaty, the first global public health and corporate accountability treaty. The treaty protects nearly 90 percent of the world’s population.


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February 12, 2008
For Immediate Release: February 12, 2008 Contact: Bryan Hirsch, Corporate Accountability International +41 76 547 3476…
February 11, 2008
1ST Meeting on Preventing Illicit Tobacco Trade Opens For Immediate Release:…
January 31, 2008
If you've ever stood in the cold, sucking smoke into your lungs to get your fix of nicotine, or if you've ever walked through those toxic clouds to enter or exit a building, you know the addictive power of nicotine. So do the tobacco executives. Their latest idea is a shorter, more potent smoke that will dose you faster and get you back inside to work.


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