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  • Anna Lappé
    All across the country, hospitals are rethinking what's on the menu and in the cafeteria. In the past few months, hospitals are even stepping up to tell junk food purveyors to leave the premises.
  • Michele Simon
    A dangerous provision snuck into the budget bill passed last week in Congress. Without any hearings on the matter, the Senate included language that would require the U.S. Department of Agriculture to essentially ignore any court ruling that would otherwise halt the planting of new genetically-engineered crops. But it's not too late. You can still demand that President Obama refuse to sign the budget bill into law unless the biotech rider (aka Monsanto Protection Act) is removed.
  • Shayda Edwards Naficy
    Last week, Jakarta’s governor announced his intention to cancel the Indonesian city’s private water contracts and return Jakarta’s water to public control. Victory here will have global impacts for millions of people's water and be a major setback for water privateers and institutions like the World Bank promoting this failed model.
  • It's Time for National Parks to Think Outside the Bottle postcard
    Today, a broad coalition led by Corporate Accountability International is providing the grassroots support for four major national parks to take this step: Mt. Rainier, Yosemite, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and Independence National Historical Park. Park goers will deliver more than 40,000 petition signatures to park officials today in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Seattle.
  • TJ Boisseau
    More than a hundred years ago, one courageous woman, Ida Tarbell, helped toppled Standard Oil, a monopoly built on nefarious business practices. Today, Corporate Accountability International carries on the work of Ida Tarbell, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of women to take action to bring a halt to some of the worst corporate abuses of our time.
  • Mitchell Zeller headshot
    Corporate Accountability International
    The Center for Tobacco Products, which is the government agency responsible for regulating tobacco, will now be headed up by tobacco control policy expert and researcher Mitch Zeller. Dr. Stanton Glantz asks-- will the FDA let him do a good job?
  • Zion hydration station
    Corporate Accountability International
    Every year, hundreds of millions of national park visitors get the message that the only place to get safe water is from a plastic bottle. Read this blog to find surprising facts about our national parks and bottled water-- and to learn why they should go bottled water free!
  • Alternatives to marketing to kids at MOM's Organic Market
    Michele Simon, JD, MPH
    As the frequent bearer of bad news about the food industry, I am thrilled to share a positive story. Last month, MOM's Organic Market, a small retail chain based in the Baltimore area, announced it would stop carrying products featuring children's cartoon characters.
  • McDonalds Smoothie advertisement
    Michele Simon, JD, MPH
    In the report I recently released, "And Now a Word from Our Sponsors," I described the various ways the food industry influences the largest trade group of nutrition professionals – the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – through corporate sponsorship. While other corporations such as Coca-Cola play a more prominent role by being an “Academy Partner,” McDonald’s engaged in its trademark health-washing at the Academy’s annual meeting last fall.
  • Michele Simon, JD, MPH
    ...The feds’ solution to the problem of industry spending more than $2 billion annually marketing mostly junk food to children isn’t government action, but rather improved voluntary self-regulation, despite this non-system being a proven failure, over and over again.


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