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Which corporation is the worst?

Under the Trump administration, transnational corporations have been given even more free rein to profit at people's expense. Entire government agencies are being run by former corporate executives bent on scrapping lifesaving protections for the sake of boosting corporate profits.

The current political situation makes the campaigns we wage to hold corporations accountable even more important. So I'm pleased to announce that voting has begun for the WORST corporation of 2017.

Your opinion counts. Without you, we wouldn't have the people power to challenge corporate greed and abuse.

Make your voice heard -- vote right now in the 2017 Corporate Hall of Shame.

Corporate Accountability International confronts executives at annual shareholders' meetings and politicians doing their bidding on Capitol Hill. We expose abuses in major media outlets. And we run local and international campaigns that force abusive corporations to change their destructive practices.

It's your voice that makes this work powerful. Vote for the MOST ABUSIVE corporation now.

The world's largest corporations are taking over the most basic aspects of our lives -- from the water we drink, to the food we eat, to the future of our planet.

These corporations exploit workers, endanger people's lives, and destroy our environment. And because they can pour millions of dollars into elections, flood Capitol Hill with lobbyists, and pay for slick PR schemes, these corporations face little or no accountability.

Since Trump filled his cabinet with corporate cronies, corporate power is expanding even more rapidly and destructively.

But you don't have to stand by and watch it happen. When you're with us, we can stand up to these global corporations that abuse our health, our environment, and our democracy.

So which corporations will you vote for? Exxon Mobil for fueling the climate crisis, blocking climate policy, and installing Rex Tillerson as secretary of state? Wells Fargo for financing the Dakota Access Pipeline and fleecing customers of hundreds of thousands of dollars? Goldman Sachs for stacking the Trump administration with former bank executives and bankrolling the private prison industry? That's just three in a roster of shameful corporations on the ballot.

Vote today and you can help induct the worst of the worst into the Corporate Hall of Shame -- and then hold them accountable. Vote now!

Patti Lynn is the executive director at Corporate Accountability International.

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