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A Survival Guide to the Holidays: Make Public Water Works! work for you!

For better or for worse, the holidays are here again. Many of you will be looking forward to spending time with family. But you may also be dreading dinner table chitchat dominated by your Cousin Fester’s rants about the latest alien-landing conspiracy. Not to mention strategizing how to dodge questions about when you’re planning to a) get married, b) have children, c) have grandchildren, d) retire or e) all of the above.

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief. With our handy-dandy guide to productive holiday dinner table conversations, you’ll dazzle your relatives with a subject everyone can agree upon: the basic human right to safe, clean drinking water! 

Corporate Accountability International is making groundbreaking strides with its bold initiative, Public Water Works!, to secure reinvestment in the tap and make sure people in the U.S. continue to have access to clean drinking water. This issue probably is near and dear to your heart already. But if it isn’t (ahem) it should be. Not only will your commitment help protect our most essential public service, it also just might be your survival tool during this year’s holiday!

…and, scene!


YOU: Cousin Fester! Doesn’t that water taste good? Wouldn’t it be great to keep our public water systems strong by reinvesting in the tap?

COUSIN FESTER: Sure. But we need to worry about putting people back to work … what about our economy? We’re about to go off the fiscal cliff!

YOU: Wow, I hear you. But did you know that over the next twenty years public water systems across the country will require a whopping $600 billion in infrastructure    investments? We’ve got to do something. The good news is, investing in public water infrastructure not only safeguards the future of the tap, it also creates jobs and profoundly stimulates the economy. Just one dollar invested in public water generates more than six dollars for the economy at large. Plus, the jobs associated with water infrastructure investment are just what we need: they’re green, they span a variety of disciplines from engineering to accounting and they provide steady work to millions of people in the United States.

COUSIN FESTER: Don’t you know? Our country is broke! Where in the world are we going to get the money to pay for this?

You: Protecting the tap is a great opportunity to jumpstart our economy again! And we need to focus on shoring up our future. Spending money now will make systems more efficient and sustainable in the long run, create millions of jobs and save millions on healthcare costs from waterborne illnesses.

COUSIN FESTER: Maybe. But we can’t just ignore the private sector.

YOU: Absolutely. Fester, did you know the private sector has a lot to gain from public water? Billions of dollars a year go down the drain from business costs and sales lost due to unreliable water infrastructure. Your barista isn’t making your latte from bottled water; that beauty is coming straight from our public tap! We need to protect that infrastructure, right?

Cousin Fester: Hmmm…

YOU: And, 71 percent of people in the U.S. trust local governments to provide water over private corporations. Republicans, Independents and Democrats all agree: decisions about the tap should lie in the hands of the public.

end scene!

Look around the table. Is your family salivating for more (and I don’t mean Cousin Ada’s apple pie)? While your family members polish off their desserts, you can direct them to Corporate Accountability International's website for more info, or hand out copies of the report that’s galvanized public officials across the country to push for reinvestment in public water.

You can also urge them to call on President Obama and members of Congress to prioritize our most essential public service.

And a final tip…

Nothing means more than a gift that keeps on giving! Surprise your friends and family with a monthly membership in their name, and support Corporate Accountability International’s lifesaving campaigns like Public Water Works!

Let’s raise a glass (of ice cold tap water, no less) to all your hard work this year!

Happy Holidays!

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