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The other NRA

Photo Credit: Restaurant Opportunities Centers, United.

You probably know about the NRA, the National Rifle Association, but did you know it isn't the only NRA to wield incredible political power at the behest of corporate interests?

The National Restaurant Association -- the "other NRA" -- is a front group used by the likes of McDonald's, Yum! Brands (which owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell), and Darden (which owns Olive Garden, the Capital Grille, and LongHorn Steakhouse). These corporations use the NRA to buy and bully Congress into passing legislation that is bad for workers, our health, and the environment. Big Food corporations have used the NRA to influence policy in ways that are devastating for our food system and are keeping millions of food service workers in poverty -- for example, by blocking increases to the minimum wage.

And today, these Big Food lobbyists are showing up in force in D.C. for their annual lobbying conference. Emboldened by the Trump administration's expansion of corporate power, NRA representatives will spend the next two days glad-handing U.S. lawmakers.

But they won't go unchallenged. The NRA might have gobs of corporate cash -- their budget is nearly $80 million -- but it doesn't have the people's blessing, and it doesn't have our collective power. Raise your voice! Let your members of Congress know that you stand opposed to the dangerous anti-worker, anti-public-health policies the "other NRA" is pushing.

We're partnering with the awesome folks at Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and other organizations that protect workers' rights and public health to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear during the "other NRA's" lobby day. Be part of this national movement by telling Congress that the NRA does not represent your interests. You know it exists to serve one purpose: to be the mouthpiece for the world's largest food corporations -- and you don't want your representatives doing its bidding.

Don't let McDonald's and other transnational food corporations undermine labor, environmental, and public health policies in the name of gigantic profits. Take action today.

Sriram Madhusoodanan is the campaign Director of the Value [the] Meal campaign at Corporate Accountability International.

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