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Demos poll: Americans appalled by corporate spending in elections

Corporate Accountability International
89% agree there is too much corporate money in politics

Do you hear that? That's the sound of the American electorate heaving a collective sigh of relief ... because we won't be inundated by corporate-funded attack ads any more. 

Big Business did its best to undermine our democracy, with hundreds of millions of dollars from undisclosed corporate donors pouring into the elections. 

People have had enough. Last week's poll from Demos told us what you probably already suspected: Americans from all political backgrounds are appalled by corporate interference in elections.

Read the full version: Citizens Actually United: The Bi-Partisan Opposition to Corporate Political Spending And Support for Common Sense Reform.

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Americans Understand Corporations Spend Money In Politics

Americans understand corporations spend money in politics

Corporate Political Spending Leads To Political Inequality And Democratic Corruption

Corporate political spending leads to political inequality and democratic corruption

Americans Need Disclosure To Exercise Accountability For Corporate Political Spending

Americans need disclosure to exercise accountability for corporate political spending

Support For Strong Achievable Reforms

Support for strong achievable reforms

Americans Understand It's Corruption When...

Americans understand it's corruption when...

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