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  • Sriram Madhusoodanan
    Ben Taub Hospital's contract with McDonald's expires at the end of September. The board could make a decision to extend the hospital's contract with McDonald's during its July 27 meeting next week. We need to make our voices heard right now!
  • Cloe Franko
    Philip Morris International "is waging a secret campaign to subvert the World Health Organization's anti-smoking treaty, which was designed to save lives by curbing tobacco use." That's the conclusion of a new investigation from Reuters.
  • Kelle Louaillier
    I don’t know about you, but this Fourth of July holiday has me asking more questions than ever about the present and future of the United States. This year, those questions feel more pressing than ever.
  • Patti Lynn
    Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve built a strong and lasting movement challenging corporate control of our democracy and lives. But with the Trump administration giving corporations even more power, we need you now more than ever.
  • Patti Lynn
    During the decade she directed the WHO, Dr. Chan fully embraced her role as Big Tobacco’s nemesis, exposing and blocking attempts by the tobacco industry to undermine public health protections. As the new Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia, takes her place, we urge him to uphold Dr. Chan's lifesaving legacy of standing up to Big Tobacco.
  • Cloe Franko
    After repeatedly saying that he will make the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) “a lot better” or scrap the deal entirely, Donald Trump informed Congress last month that he plans to renegotiate this disastrous trade pact with Canada and Mexico.
  • Alissa Weinman
    Veolia -- one of the largest private water corporations in the world -- was supposed to manage Pittsburgh's water system, deliver safe drinking water, and save the city money. But today, residents across the city are facing health risks from high levels of lead in their water.
  • Michél Legendre
    On Tuesday, June 13 at 7:00 p.m. EDT, Corporate Accountability International is holding a virtual organizing training on resisting Trump’s pro-corporate infrastructure agenda. Join the training and become part of the movement to ensure everyone has access to clean, safe water
  • Corporate Accountability International
    A community activist, philanthropist, and rafting guide, Rob has been a member of Corporate Accountability International since 1999.
  • Kelle Louaillier
    A truly sustainable people’s movement must have at its core the goal of dismantling all systemic oppression -- together and at once.


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