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Patti Lynn and TJ Faircloth holding a Value the Meal banner in front of McDonald's

Children in the U.S. and globally are bombarded by junk food marketing in every possible venue -- online, on TV, even in schools -- and often from infancy. This is taking a devastating toll on the health of our young people. Increasingly, our children are suffering from Type 2 diabetes and other diet-related conditions. Experts say this generation may be the first to live shorter lives than their parents.  Learn more about how fast food advertising affects children's health.

Meanwhile, the very existence of sustainability-minded family farms is under threat. Factory farms predominate, polluting our soil and water, while the corporations that run them manipulate commodity prices and profit from growing large quantities of unhealthful food.

From seed to plate, our food system is broken and harming our children's health. And it’s up to all of us to fix it. 

Food production ruled by global corporations 

Through political manipulation, consolidating control over production, and manufacturing demand for their unhealthy products, a handful of global corporations have fundamentally transformed the food we eat, food production, and how we think about food today. This has come at an overwhelming environmental and human cost.

Solution: rein in McDonald’s influence

McDonald’s is at the core of the problem. With its unparalleled demand for consistent and cheaply produced commodities, it’s done more to shape today’s food system than any other entity. It is the largest buyer of processed beef, chicken, pork, apples, and potatoes in the U.S. As such, the fast food leader has created the conditions for the rise of Big Ag, including Monsanto, ADM, and Cargill. Learn more about McDonald's and our food system.

And because it spends more on advertising and marketing than any other fast food corporation, McDonald’s is one of world’s most well-known brands. It profits most when it makes children customers for life.

To that end, it has built its brand by pioneering aggressive targeted marketing to kids designed to circumvent parental authority. Its tactics include: shilling Happy Meals with cartoon-based toys; installing playgrounds in restaurants; and promoting one of the world's most recognized corporate mascots, Ronald McDonald.

Through such predatory marketing practices, McDonald’s has hooked generations of kids on its unhealthy products, driving today’s public health crisis. Global rates of diet-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease have skyrocketed over the last 30 years as McDonald’s has maximized its profits.

By curbing kid-targeted junk food marketing, we can help healthy children become healthy adults. Read more.

By reining in the abuses of the fast food giant, we can reverse a deadly public health epidemic and help ensure a true food system transformation. Together, we can make a broken food system whole again.

Value [the] Meal

Corporate Accountability International’s Value [the] Meal campaign holds the fast food industry accountable for a range of abuses that are making our children sick and damaging the environment. The result? We are compelling changes that will transform how fast food is produced and sold, resulting in a more sustainable food system. 

We are calling on McDonald’s to: 

  • Stop fast food marketing, promotion, and sponsorship that appeals to children and teenagers.
  • Stop manipulating public health policy and nutrition science.
  • Provide complete, accurate, and non-promotional information about the health risks of fast food.

Take action

  • Join over fourteen thousand people calling on McDonald's to put our kids' health before short-term financial gain and, specifically, shut down HappyMeal.com.
  • Read the groundbreaking report exposing how McDonald's exploits its charitable giving to align its brand with health and wellness.
  • Watch the new Food MythBusters' films exposing the myth of parental choice and busting the idea that only industrial agriculture can feed the world. 

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