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Our Water, Our Right

Announcing the Lagos Water Summit: August 11-12

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232,000 call on UN to kick big polluters out!

We delivered a petition from a quarter million people demanding the U.N. protect climate policymaking from the globe's biggest polluters.

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Tell your senators you want our parks bottled water free

Congress passed an amendment that would make it harder for parks to go bottled water free.

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In Lagos, 90 per cent of the city’s 21 million residents lack daily access to safe water.

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  • After the unanimous adoption of the global tobacco treaty, we launched a whirlwind grassroots campaign with governments and allied organizations across the Global South, swelling the number of ratifying countries from approximately 40 to 175 today.

    Public Health
  • After escalating pressure on the World Bank to stop investing in water corporations, we’ve made a major step toward reaching this goal.

    Human Rights, Public Health
  • The organization is shifting the public climate around kid-focused junk-food marketing. In response, the fast food industry has made a wide range of changes to kids’ meals and kid-focused promotions.

    Public Health
  • In 1986, we launched the GE Boycott, ultimately compelling the corporation to stop manufacturing nuclear weapons.

    Human Rights, Public Health
  • In 2008, the U.S. Conference of Mayors resolved to phase out city spending on bottled water. Cities have since saved millions of taxpayer dollars, instead promoting public water systems.

    Environment, Public Health
  • The Think Outside the Bottle campaign compelled top bottler Pepsi to label the sources of its bottled water – all too often, the tap.

    Environment, Public Health
  • At McDonald's shareholders meeting we worked with allies to advance a first-of-its-kind resolution calling on the burger giant to document the impact its business is having on public health.

    Public Health
  • The organization exposed the truth behind RJR Nabisco’s family-friendly image, contributing to the breakup of the third-largest tobacco corporation in the world.

    Public Health
  • Major changes have flowed from our campaign to Think Outside the Bottle. Since its launch in 2006, 40 percent of people in the U.S. have switched from bottled water to the tap.

    Environment, Public Health
  • We succeeded so well in connecting Philip Morris' brand image to its deadly abuses that even, after spending hundreds of millions of dollars to improve its brand, it was forced to change its name in 2003.

    Public Health
  • Compelled by global water advocates and government champions, the U.N. General Assembly upheld the fundamental human right to water.

    Human Rights, Environment, Public Health
  • When Coca-Cola’s interference put the the National Park Service’s plan to end the sale of bottled water at risk, thousands of members took action. The public outcry moved the Park Service to make good on its plan.

  • After years of grassroots organizing by a powerful coalition coordinated by Corporate Accountability International, Colombia –once a safe haven for Big Tobacco – passed a comprehensive national tobacco control law in keeping with the global tobacco treaty.

    Public Health
  • With our allies, we helped secure precedent-setting global tobacco treaty guidelines to prevent the industry from interfering in health policy. The guidelines have helped countries across the globe.

    Public Health
  • Just three years after we set out to "Send Joe Camel Packing," RJR Nabisco pulled its ads featuring the iconic cartoon camel.

    Public Health
  • Six states, 140 cities and a growing number of universities have declared an end to spending on bottled water, saving money and boosting confidence in the tap.

    Environment, Public Health
  • "Deadly Deception" won an Academy Award for Best Documentary, exposing GE's role in the nuclear-weapons industry and bringing word of the GE Boycott to more than one billion TV viewers worldwide.

    Human Rights, Public Health
  • In 1984, we compelled Nestlé to agree to sweeping reforms in its marketing of infant formula, helping curb its deadly human toll.

    Human Rights, Public Health
  • Corporate Accountability International supporters and allies forced hospital giant Columbia/HCA to alter policies and practices that put profits ahead of patient care.

    Human Rights, Public Health

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Shayda Edwards Naficy
The global water justice movement is building momentum worldwide, from the unfolding remunicipalisation in Indonesia to water profiteer Veolia losing contracts and investors like the World Bank’s p…
John Stewart
Corporate Accountability staff and groups of students recently traveled to Acadia National Park, Valley Forge National Historic Park, and Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to support these parks to Think Outside the Bottle.
The National Park Service has a cautious, sensible policy that allows parks to ban the sale of plastic water bottles.
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